You don't want to read about me. And I'm totally cool with that.


You're here to see how I can help you, and that's what I want to do.


For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to help other people be understood. In earlier years, this manifested itself as a terrible tendency to correct other people's grammar and word choices. These days, I only do that on request. Well, mostly. No one's perfect.

I absolutely love helping people refine their written words. From small business marketing materials to your corporate website, from PhD theses to books and everything in between, I want to help you communicate your message clearly.


“Melissa is the right combination of grammar nerd and writer. Typically, an editor either knows the intricacies of the Oxford comma or they are more about the ideas and communicating them. Melissa, on the other hand, brings a strong balance of eye for detail while keeping an eye on flow of the writing." ~Michael Crane, author, Sowing Seeds of Change

My main areas of experience and interest are:

Sustainability | Small Business | Coffee | Print Industry

Ethics | Ethical Living | Theology | History

Social Justice | Religion & Spirituality | Church & Ministry

That said, I am happy to delve into your interests and industry to craft the messaging you need. In fact, it's often beneficial to have an outsider's perspective on your content to help eliminate jargon and get your point across.

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Copy Writing

Website content. Blog posts. Social media.

I'll work with you one on one to understand your business and then create content that supports your goals. 

Let's Get Started

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Grammar checks. Structural revisions. Amplifying your voice. 

I'll address your project's specific needs and help you present your message clearly.

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