Sowing Seeds of change by Michael Crane

I worked closely with the author to transform his PhD thesis into a more widely accessible work on urban transformation. I also wrote the chapter discussion questions and the synopsis.

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Synopsis excerpt:

In Sowing Seeds of Change, Michael Crane weaves together theology and praxis, creating a framework for understanding your city, a means of crafting a vision of what it could be, and a way forward towards transforming it. 


Urban Spirituality by Karina Kreminski

In partnership with Urban Loft publishers, I provided copyediting for this book by Australian author Karina Kreminski. In addition to the usual checks for grammar and word choice, I helped identify and adjust for differences in language use among English-speaking countries.

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Academic works:


PhD Thesis by Kresten Froistad-Martin

"Liberation and Casuistry: Joining Context-Based Methods for Ethical Approaches that Address Poverty"

I worked with the author through several rounds of revisions, helping to retain her content and voice while clarifying meaning where ambiguous and ensuring consistency of tone and accuracy of grammar.