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Tone: Serious yet friendly, this community-oriented brand is all about appealing to local businesses and shoppers



Our roots are in Oakland, but our heart is with small businesses everywhere. We help build vibrant communities and support independently-owned small businesses.

 About Us

(Audience: general public, targeting consumers and small business owners)

I Am Local is an online market square, a place where shoppers can find and do business with local merchants. It has everything you can find around town, all from the neighbors you’d love to do business with.

We help small businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, offering a new place to connect with customers and take advantage of online shopping while continuing to pour the love they always have into their community-based stores.

While most Americans would prefer to shop local, our busy schedules keep us from actually doing so. We don’t know where to go to find what we need, and we don’t have time to drive around town hunting for it.

We’re bringing together the convenience of online shopping and the benefits of buying local.

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(Audience: small business owners)

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