As the Communications Director for The Movement Church, I created a wide range of content including newsletters, social media posts, and handouts.

Newsletter Blurbs


"Awkward Family" sermon series

Face it: your family is awkward. And no time brings out the awkwardness like the holidays. Intrusive questions, tense conversations, that “special” dish everyone must pretend to enjoy. Be sure to come for our December series, “Awkward Family Christmas,” and hear from Pastor Ed how to not just survive but actually appreciate holidays with your family. And bring your friends. Because their families are awkward too.


Be Generous annual offering

You want to make a difference. You know there are many needs to be met. But it’s really hard to know where to give. Each year in December, The Movement dedicates a special offering to serving people in our church family, in our city, and around the world. When you give to our Be Generous offering, 100% of the funds go to meeting people’s needs. You give, The Movement distributes, the love of Christ is shared in tangible ways. Start praying now about what God would have you give.

Handouts & Announcements


Community Service Opportunity

We're thrilled to continue partnering with the Ever Forward Club to support young men in our community and overwhelm Oakland with love! We'll be serving at the 24 Hour Relay, an event that brings people from all walks of life together for a good time and a great cause! Signups start next week. Visit for more information!


Blog Posts

“Let my people go!” 

It’s perhaps the best known sentence in the Bible after John 3:16. From Charlton Heston’s Ten Commandments to Disney’s Prince of Egypt, generations are familiar with that one line and with the story of the exodus in one form or another, even if they’ve never read the book of Exodus. It’s a powerful sentence, a bold command filled with passion and more than a touch of righteous indignation.

But it’s only a third of the sentence. 


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